Guests visiting Maine, especially for the first time, are always amazed at the accent and sayings used by Mainers.  Some think they actually speak a different language!  The accent varies in different parts of the state such as coastal verses Aroostook county.

I am going to list a number of these sayings below.  Hope you enjoy reading them and will listen for them on your next visit to Ocean Point Inn.

Pekid – illSign 1

Book it – hurry

Holiday – missed a spot painting

Side board – counter top in kitchen

Just a deet – a little bit

Greasy – icy or slippery roads

Cunin’ – wicked cute

Wicked – exclamation as wicked good lobstah

Ankle biteah – young childimage 4

Beetah – old beat up car

Buggin’ – catchin’ lobstah

Cawkah – wicked good

Cunin’ – wicked cute

Dinne bucket – lunch pail

Doah yahd – driveway by doorway

Down Cellar – basement

Gumma – no teeth

sign 3Hoppa – toilet

Huss – horse

Justa wailin’ – going fast

Long way around Robin Hood’s Barn – not taking the shortest route

Year round summah visitah – permanent resident from away

Puchah brush – wild growth

Since Moses wore knee pants – long time ago

Stove Up – banged up the car

Slower than molasses going up hill in January  – taking a long time

Spider – cast iron fry pan

No more sense than Carter’s got liver pills – not too clever

Pea soup fog – thick fogimage 5

Over ‘t’ East Podunck – out in the country

Hoosgowe – jail



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fallfest12The last weekend of Ocean Point Inn’s 2015 season is just about here and promises to be full of exciting things to do.  It is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Boothbay Harbor Maine.

H2015ResultsOur Maine foliage is turning brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow.  Against the deep blue sky and ocean, the vistas are simply spectacular.  Driving the River Road yesterday from Boothbay to Damariscotta,  there seemed to be a photo-op around every bend in the road!  The road was lined with purple wild asters in full bloom and milk weed pods were bursting open shooting hundreds of seeds into the air  floating away using their miniature parachutes.  Chipmunks raced across the road with cheeks full of acorns for their winter stash.

The 48th Annual Fall Foliage Festival takes place at the Railway Museum on Saturday and Sunday, October 10-11. 9-6 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday.  You will be treated to a top notch Craft Show with loads of different vendors, demonstrations by artists, rides on the narrow gauge steam train, 60 antique cars, restored buildings, live music, a wide range of delicious local food,  a pumpkin carving contest and a children’s corner.  There is something for all ages at this event which is not to be missed.

Pumpkin 2Fifteen minutes away in the town of Damariscotta there is another spectacular fall event, the Pumpkinfest.  Local people have been growing humungous pumpkins all summer for this event.  The new champion for 2015 is Edwin Pierpont whose pumpkin weighed in at 1,725.5 pounds!!!!

The enormous pumpkins are brought into town and dropped in front of participating stores.  Then
extremely creative people turn them into amazing creations.  Be sure to bring your camera.  On Monday, October 12, there is the Pumpkinfest Regatta which is one of my favorite events.  People actually create boats out of the giant pumpkins and ride in them!  Build a pumpkin vehicle and race in the Pumpkin Derby on Sunday, October 11.  The Pumpkin Drop is also on Sunday, October 11.  The Pumpkinfest Parade is on Saturday, October 10.

pumpkin boatsLots of food made with pumpkin will be for sale along the main street.  There is a pumpkin pancake breakfast on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Live Music and Entertainment take place all weekend at the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest.

Copyright & Photos property of  Ocean Point Inn 2015.