pier1You may think that Picnics is an odd topic for January!  Well, start dreaming of an oceanfront Picnic at Ocean Point Inn. When I lived in Vermont, we often backpacked a picnic lunch on a cross country ski adventure even in below zero weather.  It was delightful.

Another type of winter picnic is great for mothers of young children.  Let them have a Beach Picnic inside.  Don bathing suits, put beach towels on the floor and have a picnic in front of the fireplace!!  Read a book about the beach and do a shell craft.  Blow up lots of blue balloons to cover the floor and hide little sea creatures under the balloons.  Pretend to be wading in the ocean looking for sea creatures.  This is also a fun way to have a birthday party for young children.

opi-picnicPicnics evolved from the traditions of elaborate outdoor feasts the wealthy.  Having picnics is credited to the Europeans but today it is enjoyed around the world.  The word picnic can be traced back to 1748 in a 16th century French text.

Hundreds of years ago picnic meant a pot luck.  By the 1860s it started meaning everyone eating outdoors but not bringing food.  By the mid 19th century Americans developed an interest in picnics.

Picnic foods tend to vary according to regions of the country.  New Englanders love a thermos of clam chowder, southerners love barbeque and mid-westerners like chili and biscuits.

cropped-lobster-boat-sun.jpgIf you are staying at the Ocean Point Inn, think about having picnics on the rocks, at the beach, at a lake, on a mountain or on a dock.  Life is good at a picnic!!  You can order box lunches at the Inn’s Front Desk the night before and designate the time you wish to pick them up.  The East Boothbay General Store is also a great source of picnic food and drink.

Children love to go on picnics.  The following food are favorites with   children.

opi-picnic2ABC Pasta Salad
Nutrella on Crackers
Melon Swizzlers
Fruit Salad in an Ice Cream Cone
Fruit Punch with Fruit in Ice Cubes
Sandwiches cut with Cookie Cutters
S’More Bars

Pack the kids lunches in beach sand pails with a shovel.  They will have a toy to play with after the picnic.  Don’t forget antibacterial lotion and hand wipes.

For an adult picnic on the rocks, you can easily pick up the following while traveling:

lobster-3Fresh Bread
Cold Meats
Fresh Fruit

Create a gourmet picnic with your own imagination, maybe with some Maine lobster salad.

ocean-backgroundIf you are close enough to Ocean Point, a picnic on the rocks in the winter is fun as well.  Bundle up!  If it is too cold and windy to eat out on the rocks, park your car next to the ocean where you can enjoy the view and hear the surf from your car.  The following foods are great for a winter picnic:

Hot Soup
ocean-point-inn-sign5Hot Chili
Hot Cider
Hot Cocoa
Energy Bars

Make picnics a part of your next vacation at the Ocean Point Inn.

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wreath1Crafting has always been an important part of my life and I know it is for many of the guests at Ocean Point Inn.  It is fun to talk with guests about the crafts they like to do.  The Maine crafts I will mention here are all an easy drive from Ocean Point Inn, a fun craft day trip.

September 23, 24 and 25, 2016, Ocean Point Inn will be hosting the “Oceanside Bead Retreat” with bead artist, Sherry Serafin.  The group will work on beading projects for three days in our spectacular seaside setting.  The projects are simply amazing.

mainen-abaca-craft-photoLocally in mid-coast Maine we have the Aboca Bead Shop at 157 Maine Street in Damariscotta, an easy drive from Ocean Point, to see this unique and fantastic bead collection.  Stop by and put together a unique piece of jewelry from their great Maine bead selection.

maine-craft-photo5.jpg.pngFor those who enjoy quilting, sewing and home decorating we have some fabulous shops in the area.  My favorite is OnBoard Fabric in Edgecomb.  Molly Hutchins, the owner, is a delightfully creative woman with a great eye for color.  Her shop is a must see but her website will give you a nice preview.  She also hand crafts Maine bags, pillows, placemats, aprons, and much more.  The fabrics I used in redecorating Ocean Point Inn living room, dining room and the library are from OnBoard, we love to buy and support local crafts people and Maine artisans.

maine-craft-photo3.jpgAnother great fabric store is Alewives Fabric in Nobleboro, near Damariscotta – a short drive from Ocean Point Inn.  They have amazing fabric for quilting and they are arranged on the shelves by color and shade beautifully. The ladies who work here are very helpful and also offer great workshops.  Check to see if they will have any workshops while you are in Maine staying at Ocean Point.  They also carry hand woven yarn now for you knitting friends.

Maine Quilts 2016 is a Maine craft event that is hosted on by the Pine Tree Quilters Guild, taking place July 29-31. 2016 Augusta Civic Center.  This quilt event is an enormous display of fantastic fabric art including Maine shops selling quilting supplies and offering quilt workshops in a variety of techniques.  These Maine quilt workshops fill up quickly so early reservations are a necessity. Late July is also prime time at Ocean Point, so reserve your space and your quilting seminar now- its going o be such fun for crafters and quilters,.

maine-craft-photo6.jpgKnitting is back in vogue and new Maine yarn shops have popped up over the past decade.  The following shops, near Ocean Point, have excellent selections and will not disappoint you.

Halcyon Yarn at 12 School Street, Bath, Maine

maine-craft-photo4.jpg.pngHeavenly Socks Yarn at 82 Maine Street in Belfast, Maine.

Over the Rainbow Yarn at 18 School Street in Rockland, Maine

The Cashmere Goat at 20 Bayview Street in Camden, Maine.

Bartlett Yarns, Inc. in Harmony, Maine, is famous for the wool yarn they make.

String Theory in Blue Hill, Maine, does hand dyed yarns.

Grace Robinson at 208 US Route 1 in Freeport, Maine, has  a large stock and needlepoitn materials.

maine-craft-photo7.jpg.pngThe Maine Fiber Frolic will take place June 4-5, 2016 on the Windsor fairgrounds in Windsor, Maine.  There are many yarn vendors, great demonstrations and workshops.  I have taken workshops at this event and enjoyed them very much.  Felters, spinners  and weavers will enjoy it too.

If counted cross stitch or needlepoint are your thing, you will enjoy Stitcher’s Corner in Wiscasset, Maine.  Call 877-882-4141 for directions and times.

Fabric Art is a favorite craft of mine and some excellent work can be seen at the Red Studio at 13 Maine Street in Topsham, Maine.  207-721-0675

I hope you will be inspired by some of these Maine craft, quilt and bead shops on your next vacation at the Ocean Point Inn.  Stop by the Front Desk and let me know which you visited.

Copyright & Photos property of Ocean Point Inn 2015.