Fishermen from Europe inhabited Damariscove Island before the Pilgrim’s Mayflower arrived.  They dried the cod fish they caught and shipped them to Europe, near the shores of Ocean Point Inn today.

In 1622 when the Pilgrims were near starvation in the Plymouth Colony, fish from Damariscove Island prevented a total disaster.  The sign as you enter the Town of Boothbay, Maine, has the motto Pelegrinis Cibum Dedimus, Latin for We fed the Pilgrims.

BoothbayDamariscove Island has an interesting history and is well worth a visit if you have the opportunity.  In the 17th century it was part of Damarill’s Isles and Humphrey Damarell owned the islands.  Historians think because of the long cove at the southern end of the island, it may have been called Damarell’s Cove before it became Damariscove.

The year of 1675 brought many Indian raids and people wanted to escape to Monhegan.  Because of winds not cooperating, many ended up on Damariscove.  These people watched the smoke rise from their burning villages and homes.  Damariscove-Island-Aaron-Henderson-2014-04

There was a fierce battle between the British Frigate Boxer and the American vessel Enterprise off the island in 1812.  Both captains were killed and the Americans took over the British ship.

The island consists of 209 acres and has been home to trading posts, dairy farms, an ice business and a Coast Guard Station.  It is part of the Town of Boothbay which includes Ocean Point.Damariscove-Island-Aaron-Henderson-2014-01

The Damariscove Lifesaving Station, established in 1878, is on the National Register of Historic Places.  In 1966 most of the island was donated to the Nature Conservancy.  The Nature Conservancy transferred ownership to the Boothbay Region Land Trust with the life station and surrounding remaining under private ownership.

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Strawberry season will be here soon and there will be opportunities to pick your own berries.  There is nothing better than savoring a juicy red berry warmed by the sun and fresh off the vine.  Pick plenty so you will be able to enjoy Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Pie, Strawberry Jam, strawberries on cereal and enough left over to freeze for a winter treat. strawberries-196798__180

There are other berries, fruits and vegetables available during the summer and fall to pick yourself.  It makes a great family outing and provides healthy fresh food to take home.

Below I am listing farms that permit picking during certain seasons.  They are all an easy drive from the Ocean Point Inn.



Popp Farm – Route 128, Dresden, Maine    207-737-4351

strawberry-629180__180 Strawberries – the end of June

Peas and Beets – July

Cranberries – October

Windsong Herbs and Greens – 26 Windsong Way, Walpole, ME 207-677-3770

Pick your own organic herbs and flowers.

Rainbow Gardens – 170 Heater Road, Damariscotta, ME   207-631-0248

By Appointment – pick your own flowers and vegetables

Bailey’s Orchard – North Hunts Meadow Road, Whitefield, ME   207-549-7680

Pick your own apples – 50 varieties!!!

Beau Chemin Farm – 1749 Finntown Road, Waldoboro, ME   207-832-5789

Pick your own flowers.

Biscay Orchards – 650 Biscay Road, Damariscotta, ME   207-563-3026

brigitta_northern_highbush_blueberry-imagePPick your own apples – September and October

County Fair Farm – Route 32, Jefferson, ME

Pick your own apples, pumpkins pumpkinand flowers.

Crummet Mountain Farm – 305 Crummett Mountain Road, Somerville, ME

Mid July – Labor Day – Pick your own wild blueberries.

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