Swing bridges are pretty unique and the Boothbay Harbor area is lucky enough to have two of Maine’s finest: the Southport Bridge and the Trevett Bridge, also known as the Barters Island Bridge. The Southport Bridge is motorized and the Trevett Bridge is manually opened, cranked by Dwight or Duane Lewis, twin brothers who have operated the bridges for 50+ years! The Trevett Bridge, connecting Barters Island to Hodgdon Island, is the last hand-cranked swing bridge still operating in the state of Maine! The most often asked question is “Does he get dizzy?”

You can listen to a 2005 interview with Dwight and Duane here.

In the summer, they crank the bridge open up to twelve times a day on weekends and six times a day during the week.  It’s a treat to watch and even more of a treat to help crank it open and catch a ride if you are brave enough to offer your services.

Enjoy one of the best lobster rolls in the area on the deck of the Trevett Country Store and you’ll have a good chance of experiencing the bridge opening.

The gates are lowered by hand and the bridge operator cranks in a circular motion as the center span of the bridge rotates on a fulcrum and allows boats to pass the center span on either side. If you take an electric boat tour from the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens you can enjoy a water view from The Beagle as you pass through the bridge.

If you are a movie buff you may have seen the Trevett Bridge in the 2001 film, In the Bedroom, starring Sissy Spacek and Marisa Tomei. You can see it here in the movie trailer at about 2:00 minutes in.

Built in 1931, the bridge is slated for an estimated $4,250,000 DOT rehabilitation project in 2017. According to a 2015 article by Bill Pearson in the Boothbay Register, this project tops the list as the most expensive of the 50 projects slated for Lincoln County in their 3-year work plan. Public hearings are being held in March and April. It will remain a swing bridge, but will the bridge remain manually operated?  Residents of Trevett and Barters Island certainly hope so. They don’t want memories of this iconic bridge to leave the island.

So hustle over to Trevett and give Dwight or Duane a hand with the crank so you can return home with an unbelievable story to share with your family and friends!  You might want to have someone videotape it or your friends and family will think it’s just another Maine fish story!

View videos of the bridge opening below!

All photos and videos by Bev Tabet Photography

Your vacation at Ocean Point Inn isn’t complete without a day trip to Camden-Rockport, only about an hour’s drive from OPI.

The Town of Camden, Maine, is a quaint, beautiful harbortown with many offerings. The town has seasonal events, gift shops, clothing and craft stores and of course restaurants!

A visit is not complete without lunch at the Camden Deli. The restaurant sits in the middle of town and boasts a second floor dining patio with views of the harbor and its sailboats. The food is reasonable and the staff is pleasant.  Eat in or get it to go and enjoy it at the top of Mt. Battie!

If you travel north one mile heading out of  town on Route 1 you will see an entrance to Camden Hills State Park on your left which is open daily from 9 a.m. to sunset. Upon entering you will pay a small fee and travel up a winding road to the top of Mt. Battie.  If you are adventurous you can park at the bottom and trek up the Megunticook Footpath and Adam’s Lookout Trail which is a 2.6 mile round trip hike.   You can relax and enjoy a picnic, explore Adam’s Lookout and take in the breathtaking views of Penobscot Bay, Camden Harbor, Mt. Desert Island and other ocean islands. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon!

IMG_3547 (1)

The view is spectacular and has been shown off in a number of Hollywood movies. The vistas are unmatched especially during Fall Foliage season and for watching fireworks on Independence Day or during Old Schooner Days. You can hike back down or take a leisurely walk down the 0.9 mile auto road to the parking lot.

On your return to the Boothbay peninsula you can stop off in Rockport to see the beloved statue of Andre the Seal who spent more than 20 summers in Rockport after swimming 150+ miles north from the New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts each summer.

Continue on to Lincolnville to enjoy one last stop at Cellardoor Winery before returning home to OPI.  In addition to offering a free wine tasting, Cellardoor offers Classes & Pairings,  a Wine & Gift Shop, a viewing patio and afternoon tours.

What a great day trip to add to your Ocean Point memories!



You can’t walk or drive around the Ocean Point loop on Shore Road in East Boothbay, Maine without stopping to admire the Wilson Memorial Chapel.

The lovely, old stone chapel is non-demoninational and guest ministers, both local and those “from away,” lead the worship services on Sundays from the last weekend in June through the first weekend in September.  The Rev. Lewis Wilson honored his wife,  Janet M. Wilson, by naming the chapel for her and according to the Chapel records the first service was held in August of 1917 shortly after Rev. Wilson completed construction.


As you walk up the stone steps and through the sturdy door of the Wilson Memorial Chapel you are transported back in time by the stonework, the brick, the woodwork and the gorgeous stained-glass windows. How many guest ministers have given a sermon here in 100 years? How many couples have walked down the brick aisle to pledge their love and speak their vows? How many friends who have passed away have been memorialized in this cozy, intimate place of worship? How many visitors have stood right where you are standing at that moment?

As you leave the chapel, the views of Fisherman’s Island and Ram Island greet you at the door. In winter the chapel gets blanketed in snow as it awaits the return of Ocean Point residents (Ocean Pointers as they’re called) and a host of new visitors who will appreciate its beauty, just as those who have come before them have.

The summer of 2017 will have many activities to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of this historic chapel. Here are a few activities from the Wilson Memorial Chapel’s March letter which can be downloaded here –> Wilson Chapel:

July 15-16 – 95th occasion of a visit to Ocean Point and the Chapel, from the Maine Seacoast Mission. The Sunbeam will be brought to the Boothbay Harbor area. Tours will be on Sunday, July 16th, from 11:00-1:00 via boat shuttles from the Card Cove dock.

July 21 – The Chapel will be included on the Boothbay Region Garden Club Home & Garden Tour

August 6 – Commemorative service at 1:30 p.m. followed by a reception at 2:30 and is open to all Ocean Pointers and friends, and their guests.

Check their new website (which will be online soon) for details of all activities.  www.wilsonmemorialchapel.org

Enjoy your visit to the Wilson Memorial Chapel . . . only a short walk away from the Ocean Point Inn!