When I think of food in Maine I think of lobster, blueberries and chowder in the summertime! What do Mainers/New Englanders eat in winter?  What’s YOUR go-to comfort food?

My all time New England favorite comfort food memory takes me back to my Massachusetts elementary school and the meal I always looked forward to ~ American Chop Suey . . . and it had to be served with buttered green beans and homemade yeast rolls! When I taught in Boothbay Harbor, the cafeteria ladies used to let me know a day before they were serving it because they knew it was my best-loved meal.

I polled a few FaceBook fans for their personal favorites and some included chowder served with Oyster crackers, American Chop Suey (people from away may call it goulash), traditional New England Boiled Dinner with brisket or smoked ham shoulder, Shepherd’s Pie, (a great snow day meal traditionally made with lamb is known as Cottage Pie when made with beef), maple syrup on anything, beef stew with dumplings, mac & cheese, chili, chili on mac & cheese, butternut squash soup and don’t forget dessert: mouth watering Indian pudding topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream melting into the crevices! There was even one lone response for Rice Crispies with whole milk! These cherished culinary delights can make long New England winters a lot easier to swallow!

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Maine still has lots of traditional diners (some have been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!) and you can experience Maine Comfort Food year round.  Seafood chowder, lobster rolls, lobster mac & cheese are just a few.

At The Weathervane in Kittery, Maine, their top 5 winter lobster comfort foods are listed as:

Lazy Man Lobster – OK, nobody’s saying you’re lazy. In fact, we know you work darn hard, so why not treat yourself to this satisfying dish. We shuck two Maine lobsters and serve ’em up in drawn butter. Less mess, more meat.
Lobster Pie – We take the tender meat of a whole lobster, add in our buttery crabmeat stuffing and bake it to perfection.
Fresh Fried Lobster Tails – Picture two freshly steamed Maine lobster tails …split, battered and fried until golden brown.
Baked Stuffed Seafood Combo – A delicious dish brimming with shrimp, scallops, haddock and – the star attraction – fresh lobster.
Lobster Bisque – Rich and creamy with just a hint of sherry, served piping hot in a warm, crusty bread bowl.

With Spring around the corner on the calendar, but our 3rd N’or Easter in 10 days on the horizon you still have lots of time to try some of these home-cooked winter favorites or visit a Maine diner and enjoy them prepared for you!