East Meets West!

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine is the Eastern most point of land in the continental United States!

So why is is called WEST Quoddy Head Lighthouse?

The original West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, under orders from President Thomas Jefferson, was built in 1908, but the lighthouse that stands today in Quoddy Head State Park was erected in 1858. I was there with a photography group and Ranger Sean was most welcoming and informative as were his two young boys who were playing outside.  The Visitor’s Center is located on the first floor of the historic lightkeeper’s residence and Ranger Sean opened the lighthouse so that we could photograph inside.  One of these days I will overcome my phobia of open circular lighthouse staircases and be able to get some photos of the views from the top rather than those I get of the staircase looking from the bottom up! We did take some very cool milky way photographs from the parking lot one night. West Quoddy Light, with its red & white stripes,  is one of the most photographed lighthouses and is often seen on calendars and posters of Maine.

The state park stretches over 541 coastal acres and has some magnificent views. You can hike the trails and nature walks, have lunch at the picnic tables with lovely ocean views, explore the rocky beach or climb the coastal trail. West Quoddy Head Lighthouse is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m..

So why is is called WEST Quoddy Head Lighthouse?

You’ll need a passport to visit East Quoddy Lighthouse, the sister light to our West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.  It’s located across the bridge from Lubec on beautiful Campobello Island, part of New Brunswick, Canada. Campobello is where President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had his summer home which you can also visit on the island.  Unlike West Quoddy Light, East Quoddy Light (also called Head Harbour Light) does not have the candy cane stripes of its sister light. Instead it is recognized by its bright red cross.  You can access East Quoddy light by foot, but keep and eye on the tide so you don’t get caught on the island and have to wait until the next low tide to return! You can also enjoy the views of East Quoddy Lighthouse from a whalewatch or boat tour out of Lubec!