Ahhh, Monhegan!

Twelve nautical miles off the Maine coast and a step back in time, Monhegan Island is a tranquil gem that you don’t want to miss!

NOW is a great time to visit Monhegan Island, to explore the cliffs, or just relax by the water while eating a lobster roll at The Fish House. I also recommend the Fabulous Fish Sandwich at the Fish House: pan fried haddock on a home made ciabatta roll! Yum! You can sit by the beach and enjoy the view of Manana Island and its summer residents . . . the goats. The goat herd winters in Kennebunkport and are returned to Manana in the Spring. Not a bad life!

Fewer crowds give you the authentic feel of quintessential Maine while you are supporting the local businesses & artists. You leave Boothbay Harbor on The Balmy Days at 9:30 a.m. where you will arrive on the island at 11, giving you plenty of time to wander around and enjoy the unblemished beauty of this charming Maine island.

Monhegan Lighthouse sits atop a hill. The road can be a little steep getting there, but there are many spots to stop to enjoy the vistas, schoolhouse, and a cute little art gallery along your way! Don’t forget to stop in the Monhegan Museum that is located in the keeper’s house and maintained by  Monhegan Historical and Cultural Museum Association. The beathtaking view from the top is well worth the walk.

The island is less than one square mile area with unpaved walking trails and no cars. According to the 2010 census, Monhegan has a population of 69. Browse the shops & galleries, have lunch by the water, and take the narrow trail to the D.T. Sheridan Shipwreck just beyond the Monhegan Brewing Company at the end of Lobster Cover Road. There are also trails that wind through the fairy houses in the woods or skirt the cliffs for the more hardy hikers!

The boat leaves the island at 2:45 p.m. but if you’ve never been before you can take a bonus ride circling the island to view the backside before it departs for Boothbay Harbor.  Balmy Days Cruises  start their Monhegan day trips again on June 24th,  $42 for adults and $21 for children 12 and under. Monhegan trips can be booked online at balmydayscruises.com   You can enjoy lighthouses, seals, seabirds, and sometimes you can even spot a whale on the hour and a half boat ride. You’ll arrive back in the Harbor at 4:15 leaving just enough time to get back to Ocean Point for a glass of wine and sunset dinner to finish off a picture perfect day!

 A trip to Monhegan Island is always a favorite on my to-do list and you can add it to your favorites, too!