How the Hatchard House Got Its Name

As guests at the Ocean Point Inn, have you ever wondered where the Hatchard House got its name?

The Inn has a very old photo that is shown here of Matilda Hatchard.  This photo is a perfect example of “a picture says a thousand words.”  The 1890 photo was taken of Matilda standing in the battered doorway of the Hatchard House.

Matilda lived a hard and challenging life in a tiny fishing community at the end of a long peninsula.  She was born in Lebanon, Maine, in 1814.  In 1882 at the age of 68 she married her second husband, Henry Hatchard, of Ocean Point.  Henry originally came from England in 1828. IMG_6636

If you look carefully, you can see how many times Matilda has had to mend her clothes.  At first glance it looks like she is wearing an apron, but it is really a large patch on her skirt.

The very tired, toothless woman shows all signs of a very hard life.  The clapboards are falling off the building, the lower step is gone and the door is barely attached to the rotten frame.

From now on when I look at the current Hatchard House I will always imagine Matilda standing in the doorway!

Thank you to Boothbay Region Historical Sketches Volume III for the article “Matilda Hatchard of Ocean Point”  by Barbara Ramsey.  Ramsey’s historical sketches are a delight to read.  What a great holiday gift for someone interested in the history of the Boothbay Region.