History of the Ocean Point Inn

Burnham's%20CottagesThe Ocean Point Inn will celebrate 117 years this summer and there is an interesting history during all those years.  The Pleasant View House was founded in 1898 by Capt. Edward Burnham.  It was a twenty room lodging facility with a dining room that seated 40 people.  The Main House and Annex (today’s Inn and Lodge)offered “rooms with electric lights and access to public bathrooms.”  The main house was used for years as the Ocean Point general store and post office.  Guests would travel to Ocean Point by Steamship or by train to Wiscasset and taxi to Ocean Point over corduroy roads with logs for a surface.

10653854_820565624640340_2035270298576236421_nCapt. Warren and Mrs. Mattie Barnes discovered Ocean Point while sailing the Maine Coast.  Nowhere on the coast had they seen such a dramatic open ocean setting with the view of spruce clad islands, the rugged rocky coastline and the brilliant sunsets of this western exposure.  They opened the Ocean Point Inn.  They hoped to expand the property and make the spectacular setting available to more people.  As they expanded, they always kept in mind the importance of the wonderful view and unspoiled natural scenery.

Old%20Black%20&%20white%20of%20OPIThe Barnes began their initial operation with the Main House, the Annex and a restaurant serving three meals per day.   Since guests came for long stays in those days, it was customary to offer American plan rates including all meals and accommodations.  During the 1950s they gradually made major improvements to the property.  The old Annex was made into the Lodge with the addition of the large wrap around porches and private bathrooms.  More cottages were built and the Inn was enlarged, adding dining room space, a better living room area and a comfortable lounge.  What we call the “On the Rocks”  part of the dining room today was a charming living room where people would meet to socialize, play cards or just curl up with a good book by the fireplace.  The center dining room, now called the “Upper and Lower Deck” was the lounge – no bar to be seen – just a relaxing setting where one could enjoy a drink and look at the ocean.

Islander%20ship%20at%20OP%201918In the mid 1950s the Barnes recognized the need for “modern motel style” accommodations.  They purchased the Burnham farmhouse and renovated it into colonial style rooms.  The motel section of the property was completed in 1964 and run almost as a separate operation.  Ruth Habblitz and Flossie Turner would serve a continental breakfast and provide some entertainment and local information as well.

During the 1970s and 1980s fewer guests were staying for a month at a time or the entire season.  The new guests had different  needs and the Inn once again adapted to the change.  Rooms were enlarged and picture windows, porches, balconies, larger beds and televisions were added.  The wonderful outdoor heated pool was added at this time and it remains to this date the largest outdoor heated pool in the Boothbay Region.

In 1985 Warren and Mattie Barnes handed over the ownership of the Inn to long time employees David Dudley, Tony Krason and Mark Sweetland.  The tradition of adapting to the the times continues at the Ocean Point Inn.  The newest additions include the Starfish Coffee Shop which is open 7:30 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. daily, Live Entertainment one night a week and Happy Hour some afternoons each week.   How long have you been coming to the Ocean Point Inn?