Seguin Lighthouse

sequin-island-lighthouse4The Seguin Lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington in 1795. It is Maine’s tallest and second oldest light station, a short boat ride from Ocean Point Inn. For more than two centuries this lighthouse has been a very important guide to ships on the Maine coast and entering the Kennebec River. Even earlier in 1607 the English settlers of the Popham Colony anchored at the island before landing on the mainland.

Samuel de Champlain sailed past Seguin in 1612 and thought the island looked like a giant tortoise. The word Seguin is said to be from an Indian word that means “where the sea vomits.” Others claim it is from an Indian word that means hump.

seguin_islandIn February of 1794 ten acres of land was ceded to the Federal Government from the state of Massachusetts as Maine was then part of Massachusetts. In 1796 Major John Polereczky, a Hungarian Hussar and count who was born in France, was appointed the first keeper at a salary of $200.00 per year. He served for eight years, twice requesting a raise and both times being denied.

sequin-island-lighthouse7A fog bell was added in 1837 and an automatic striking machine was added in 1854. In 1857 a new tower was constructed and Fresnel lens were installed.

Over a 31 year time the island was foggy 15% of the time. In 1907 a record was set for fogginess. 2,374 hours or 31% of the year was foggy.

Like many lighthouses in Maine near Ocean Point Inn, Seguin Island has lots of ghost stories. Keepers told of furniture moving by itself and doors shutting on their own. One tale involves a 19tth century keeper’s wife who played the same tune over and over on the piano. The keeper was eventually driven insane and he destroyed the piano with an axe, then killed his wife and himself. Legend says the tune can be heard drifting from the island on a calm night.

Seguin Island is 2.5 miles off the mouth of the Kennebec River near Popham Beach State Park. Take a tour of the tower and relive the memorisequin-island-lighthouse3es. Below are boats which will take you to the island. A great day trip!

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