Do you have a favorite garden that you love to visit? Gardens flourish along the coast of Maine! They thrive in the morning fog as they are bathed in the cool mist that protects them from the scorching summer heat.

House & Garden Tours
In the month of July you can enjoy House & Garden Tours from southern Maine to mid-coast Maine all the way up to Downeast Maine. Book your stay at OPI on July 20/21 and you will be close by for two garden tours: Thursday in Camden and Friday in Boothbay.

Garden Tour Links
  Garden Tours from Portland to Bar Harbor 
 July 20, 2017 – 70th Annual Camden House & Garden Tour
 July 21, 2017 – Boothbay Region Garden Club Home & Garden Tour. Tickets may be purchased at the Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce, 192 Townsend Ave., Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538 or by calling 207-633-2353 starting June 1. Tickets are $30 prepaid and $35 the day of the tour.


Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

To take in some glorious gardens on your own schedule while staying at Ocean Point Inn, enjoy its close proximity to the the award winning, 270-acre Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, open May 1 through October 31st. You can explore CMBG on your own or take a one-hour guided cart tour for a small fee. Mobility scooters are available for a rental fee and wheelchairs are available for loan at no charge. Check their website for information about making reservations for carts ahead of time. Golf carts make frequent stops along the various trails and you can hop on/off should you prefer a “free ride” to walking. The Beagle, the first Coast Guard certified all-electric vessel in Maine, offers five one-hour tours per day where you will see lobstermen, wildlife including seals and osprey, and of course the famous hand-cranked Trevett Bridge!

You can spend a full day at the gardens or go back every day of your vacation and never see the same thing twice!  Tea & Tulips kicks off the season in May with other special events throughout the season. The colors and flowers are ever changing from Spring through the Fall.

Some of the attractions include the Giles Rhododendron Garden & Waterfall, the Vayo Meditation Garden, the Haney Hillside Garden, the Woodland Garden, the Arbor Garden, The Burpee Kitchen Garden, the Lerner Garden of the Five Senses and the Shoreland Trail. The two-acre Bibby and Harold Alfond Children’s Garden, designed by landscape architect Herb Schaal, who specializes in designing educational gardens for children and also designed the Lerner Garden of the Five Senses, opened in 2010. Inspired by Maine children’s literature, this garden is interactive and will bring out your inner child as you walk across the rope bridge of the tree house. No worries, all the features are made to accommodate children of all ages!

Many educational opportunities, for children and adults alike, are available at the Bosarge Family Educations Center. These range from horticulture & gardening to photography, garden crafts and wellness.  Check their website and calendar for the full listing of possibilities.

A spectacular sight to see from mid-November through New Year’s Eve for the past two years has been Gardens Aglow, a 360,000 energy efficient LED light display decorating the central gardens and buildings. The towns of Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Southport and Edgecomb joined in the festivities in 2016 by introducing the Festival of Lights. Businesses and residents joined in with light displays and activities such as Festival of Trees, Harbor Lights Festival, North Pole Express and the Gingerbread Spectacular.  Don’t miss the 2017 extravaganza!

Roadside Treasures!

In early June, lupine is plentiful along the roadside heading from the traffic light in town to East Boothbay, on the road to Southport at the crossroad before the bridge, on the East side of the Harbor beyond the Catholic Church and by the westside of the footbridge to name a few. It is a sight to behold and will be gone once July rolls in.


When you return to Ocean Point you can take a walk around the Point to admire the many flowers and gardens along the water’s edge! Enjoy!


All Rights Reserved – Photos ©Bev Tabet Photography

Just a few days ago we were in the middle of “Stella,” a March blizzard, but hope springs eternal that the gardens will be blooming soon at OPI!


Ten years ago the Ocean Point Inn began increasing and amplifying its gardens and general landscaping. At that time our main features were the beautiful red geraniums that decorated many of our buildings.  This has been an OPI tradition for the past seventy years.

We now boast eighteen gardens decorated with perennials of many heights, colors and textures.  We have three stonewalls which help define our boundaries and provide backdrops for some of our gardens.

Over the years our plants spread and multiplied providing new plants to create new gardens. Most seasons they survive but some have to  be replaced due to Maine’s harsh winter weather.

A water element is always relaxing and you can enjoy watching our ducks swimming in the duck pond among our beautiful waterlilies. You can see that even the ducks take time to admire our aquatic plants and smell the lilies!

We use some of our plantings as cut flowers in the Inn.  Some of our favorite flowers include hydrangeas, hosta, rose campion, daisies, black-eyed Susans, phlox and lobelia.  The flowers flourish near the ocean and really love the fog!

Enjoy sitting amidst our gardens while enjoying the peace and solitude, a book, a cold beverage or a gorgeous OPI sunset!


All Photo Rights Reserved © Bev Tabet Photography